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The A-Z of things to do in Florida - K
Here you will find everything from Gardens and Theatres to Theme Parks and Aquariums.

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Kayak Nature Tours
P.O. Box 5905, Titusville, FL 32783. Tel:321-268-2655
From Cypress Swamps to Sunny Beaches Florida's diverse waterways offer outstanding quiet and open water paddling opportunities for everyone. Enjoy the Indian River or Mosquito Lagoons; Econlakhatchee, Loxahatchee or St. John's Rivers, or a Space Shuttle Launch. Exceptional birding opportunities by special arrangement

Key Adventure Tours - swim with dolphins
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Tel:954-525-4441
Keys Adventure Tours lets you choose from three unforgettable swim with the Dolphin Experiences

Kennedy Space Center
KSC, FL 32899. Tel:321-867-5000
The Kennedy Space Center...telling the story of how the United States built a space program that launched men to the moon, orbited satellites, and sent probes into distant space to solve the mysteries of the cosmos.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899. 321-449-4444
The center provides an exhilarating and educational experience of the space program. Whether touring the Rocket Garden, or boarding a full-scale replica of the Space Shuttle Explorer, visitors are guaranteed to gain a new perspective on the incredible feats accomplished by the space program.

Koreshan State Historic Site

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

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